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The Eastern Pantera Association has 40 members.  Each  member has their own idea of what a Pantera should be.

Some members want to keep the car perfectly stock, others want to change the seats, engine, gages, lights, wheels, add air dams, wings, and install the latest upgrades on the car.

Some members set the car up for track events and street racing.  Some members drive the car everyday to and from work.  All of them love to socialize and talk cars.

This is what makes EPA such a unique car club!

                    EPA OFFICERS FOR 2017


    President:  Nick Calio  215-313-0421
    Vice President:  Open
    Membership and Treasurer:  Rick Carroll  610-442-0473
    Web Master:  Greg Fiore  941-387-4328
    Communications Coordinator:  Open
    Secretary:  Zack Lembo  609-268-2940

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