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I received my entry form for the Lake Mirror Classic Auto Festival this week.  The event will take place October 19th and 20th in Lakeland, Florida. I sent in my registration the day I received it.  If you have not received an application in the mail go to or register by email at    Most of us attempt to stay at the Terrace Hotel.  The accommodations are super.  The food served in the dinning room has always been excellent.  The Hotel fills up quickly each year.  Suggest you call ASAP and make reservations for the 19th and 20th of Oct.  The hotel number is 888 644 8400.  They have a block of rooms under Lake Mirror Classic. 


Upcoming Events:


30 Sept –1 Oct 2007: Orlando, FL Festivals of Speed: Contact Joe Sabatini 352-385-9450. 


19-21 Oct 2007:  Lake Mirror Classic Auto Festival:  This is a regularly scheduled event we attend each year.  Go to:  Most of us stay at the Terrace Hotel, phone number is 888 644 8400.  Get your reservations early.


4 Nov 2007: Grande Lakes Concours d’Elegance at Ritz-Carlton Orlando Grande Lakes Resort, Orlando, FL.  For more information go to or email 


Comments:  There is a rumor that has not yet been confirmed that Nina and Roger Gossett have sold the last Pantera imported into the US.  Further that this beautiful white 1989 GT5S will be heading to Canada.  Roger and Nina, if the rumor is true, be advised that once a Pantera owner becomes a member of the SEP, membership continues even after the Pantera is sold.  As in the case of AJ Lilly, and Sue and Jeff Vozeh before you, Nina and Roger you are always welcome at any of our gatherings.  Roger on behalf of all the SE Pantera members, thank you for your leadership and guidance. The sage advice you provided over many years, substantially contributed to making the Southeast Panteras the organization it is today.  Welcome Dan Lewis.  Dan purchased Rod Wilkinson's pantera.  Dan will join us at Lakeland.  Pantera ownership alone is great, but the folks you will meet in any Pantera organization will double your pleasure, guaranteed!


For Sale:


1972 red Pantera pre-L:  DeTomaso Pantera ID NO. THPNMGO3133. Present owner purchased this Pantera in September 8, 1991.  It was a California car. Just prior to purchase it had gone through a bare metal restoration.  The color was silver and the engine was more or less in stock configuration.  Both the owner and I were going to be in Las Vegas for the Silver State Classic.  We arranged to meet.  He drove the Pantera from California. I flew to Las Vegas to examine the car and purchased it on the spot.  I had been searching for some time for a rust free example.  I drove the car from Las Vegas to Florida. 


Within two days of returning to Florida I car I began disassembling it.  I had an all aluminum engine that had been show polished and a polished ZF transaxle to use in this Pantera.  The original engine and transaxle have been sold. 


The car was completed in Aug of 1993 and registered for road use in Sept of 1993.  Between Sept 1993 and Feb 1997 this car earned an excellent show record. I decided to take the car one step further.  It was again completely disassembled in March of 1997.   The front end of the Pantera was customized. The stock grill and standard Pantera headlight buckets were removed.  The goal was to clean up the busy front end and incorporate the spoiler into the body, rather than have a plastic piece attached with pop rivets or bolts as on most Panteras.  The headlights were frenched into the body and spoiler was custom fabricated out of metal and permanently attached.  All necessary steps were taken to provide this Pantera with a first rate show finish.  The undercarriage of the car is painted.  Parts not painted red are chrome, polished stainless steel or polished aluminum.  The dash inserts are custom made and chromed.  The interior of the car simulates an airplane cockpit.  The seats and all interior trim is leather covered including the headliner.  The fuse block is custom built, each circuit individualized fused and all switches are aircraft grade.  The wiring throughout the car is new German Worth wire.  Every item in engine compartment is chrome, polished aluminum or SS.  Custom polished SS splash shield in all fenders.  Custom 17” rims.  The brakes and Master cylinder are Wilwood.  The theme of car is that everything that is functional should be seen and not only be efficient, but also pleasing to the eye. 



The car was completed in Sept 1998 and became a trailer queen, being towed from show to show in an enclosed trailer.  It is very seldom driven and then only in the local area in perfect weather. 


At the 2001 All Ford Show at Silver Springs, FL with over 800 cars present from all over the Southeast part of the US, it was selected as the best car in the show.  Also in 2001 at the AutoItalia in Orlando, FL, it was selected as best of the 28 Panteras entered.  Each time entered at AutoItalia it was selected as best Pantera in attendance.  Summary of show history is available.


The engine is a polished Fontana Aluminum Block, 383 cubic inches with aluminum heads.  It has been dynode at 600hp at the flywheel.  The car also has a nitrous oxide system installed for show purposes.  It has never been used on this engine.  It does not need it.  However, it is functional. 


I am now 67 years old and age has changed my priorities.  I have spent many years hauling the car to shows in a trailer.  I have proven my point with the car. I am tired of the hassle of loading and unloading and preparing it for shows. Rather than drive it and ruin its show condition, I would prefer to sell it someone who desires to own a very special show Pantera or in the alternative a most beautiful driver.  For the last several years this Pantera spends most of its time sitting on a storage lift in my garage.  Despite very little use, fluids have been changed yearly.   It was shown once in 2007 and was selected as the best foreign car in the show.  My wife and enjoy cruising with our friends in our Pantera GT5S which is definitely not in show condition.  Located in Ft. Myers, Florida.  Asking price $75,000.  Contact Al Rubin. Phone is 239 482 7244. Email is


1989 Pantera GT5SThe last Pantera imported into the United States.  Details listed on the Pantera International Website under the cars for sale section.  Owners are SE Pantera members Nina and Roger Gossett.  SOLD?


Fact:  Except for a short period where we unsuccessfully attempted to substitute the club web site for the newsletter, this SE PANTERA NEWSLETTER HAS BEEN CONTINUOUSLY PUBLISHED SINCE AUGUST 2001.




Frannie Pantera and Al