What: End-of Winter-Blues Get-Together                        Return
   When: Sunday, March 11, at 1:00 pm
   Where: Wood-fired Pizza, 473 York Road, New Hope, PA 18938

RSVP: Please text Bob Denito at 215-962-8785, or voice message at 215-322-0750

Price: Free to all paid up club members, Non-members $20

Greetings EPA members,

There is light at the end of the tunnel, and I donít think itís an oncoming train. Yes- it is Spring! Glorious Spring, when a young manís fancy turns to his Car. Iím sure all of us are anxiously awaiting dry, salt-free, roads to get the beasts out from under the winter covers and out in the warm air.
The reality, I suspect, is that some (or most) of us have a few tweaks to perform on our cars before they are road-ready. I had such good intentions back in the Fall of getting a few things done myself, but somehow, it never happened. I did, however, uncover the car a week or so ago just to fire up the engine. Just sitting behind the wheel and revving the engine was enough to hold me over for another month or so of winter.

A topic I want to bring up with all of you fellow Pantera owners is your car insurance. One of my New Yearís Resolutions was to review, and perhaps change companies on all of my insurance policies. I ended up switching on all of my policies (homeowners, personal auto, commercial auto, business liability, and, of course, classic car insurance), to the tune of roughly $3,000 per year in savings!

But the main reason for switching on the classic car policy was that State Farm (whom I had) would only insure up to $50,000 for the Pantera. As we are all aware, the values of our cars have skyrocketed recently, (Thank-you, Mr. Leno!) and we all need to make sure our insurance has kept pace with this fact. For a few dollars more per year, I switched to American Collectors, who put a replacement value of --are you sitting down?-- $108,000 on my car! So, please do yourselves a favor and look into your insurance.

We are long overdue for an End-of Winter-Blues get-together. Instead of a brunch, I thought we should change it up a bit and have an afternoon pizza and beer lunch. The restaurant is called H.G. Wood-fired Pizza, (formally called Giuseppes) located on the outskirts of New Hope. Some of us have already been together there when we did a car gathering a year or so ago. It is located at 473 York Road, New Hope, PA 18938.

The date for this is Sunday, March 11, at 1:00 pm. We will hold our membership meeting and go over the upcoming yearís events. Some of the activities planned for the year include indoor go-carting, and a few ďtech-sessionĒ days, where we will learn and help each other fix, or upgrade, things on our Panteras. So, to prepare for, and be considered for your project, please be prepared to bring a written-down description of the project you would like to consider for your car. For example, maybe you want to install an upgraded braking system, or want to improve the electric window operation. You get the idea. I feel this is one of the more important aspects of being a car club, that of getting together, sharing ideas and experience, and having the fellowship around our cars.

Please send me a text at 215-962-8785, or leave a voice message at 215-322-0750 to let me know if you can make it. This luncheon is free to all paid up club members, we will be collecting the yearly $25 at the meeting. Non-members are welcome at a fee of $20. Hope to see everyone soon!

Bob Denito =